...filing your annual returns for Charitable Organizations 

All Charitable Organizations are reminded that their Annual Returns and Financial Audits are to be filed with the Charities Authority no later than March 31, 2016.

Charities Act 2013
F.A.Q. regarding the Charities Act
Guidelines for registration

List of Registered Charities
Acceptable Financial Statements/Returns for Charities

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pakistan cryptocurrency The Department of Co-operatives and Friendly Societies (DCFS), an agency within the Ministry of Industry, Investment & Commerce, continues its relentless pursuit of social equity and unity of purpose, which embrace the core values of decency, civility and co-operation.  This is accomplished through its role in overseeing the functions of more than 688 entities (consisting of 517 Industrial and Provident Societies, 158 Co-operative Societies, and 442 Societies registered under the Friendly Societies Act) that has been pivotal in allowing Jamaicans the opportunity to combat poverty and improve their standard of living.  Its activities have set solid foundations for meaningful change and sustained growth in many sectors of the economy. 

The Department has the responsibility for administering the Co-operative Societies Act ,  the Friendly Societies Act, the Industrial and Provident Act and their respective Regulations and designated Charities Authority under the Charities Act 2013. forex pak Its objectives are to facilitate the establishment and development of Co-operative Societies, Friendly Societies and Industrial and Provident Societies and to supervise their operations.

The Department’s mandate under the Jurisdiction of these Acts and Regulations is focused primarily at ensuring the safety of the Societies' assets, the protection of Members' savings and investments and the protection of other stakeholders interests through the following activities: how to invest in Pfizer shares in Pakistan

  • Registration of Societies and their Rules

  • Approval and Certifications of Rules

  • Audits and Investigations

  • Institutional Strengthening and Development of Groups and Societies to become viable enterprises

  • Education and Training of members, management and employees of Groups and Societies to upgrade their skills and enhance performance in the operation of these enterprises within the Movement.








Co-operative Overhaul Underway




Charities to File First Annual Returns in March  2015 




Jamaica Co-operative Credit Union League 

Minimum Business Tax

   See Order 1

   See Order 2


Private Sector contributes over J$25M to MSME Mobile Business Clinic Initiative

Launch pic 1

NCB’s Senior General Manager for Retail Banking, Audrey Tugwell Henry (2nd right) presents the check for J$13.5 million to the Chief Executive Officer of JBDC, Valerie Veira (3rd right) and the Hon. Anthony Hylton, Minister of Industry, Investment & Commerce towards the Mobile Business Clinic Initiative which will take business development support and services to MSMEs in every corner of Jamaica [Extract: JBDC E-Letter].


International Credit Union Regulators’ Network Meets in London to Discuss Emerging Risks, Effective Supervision

Department's representative, Ainsley Thomas, Senior Co-operative Officer second person from the right. Read more....

Registrar's Opinion

Ranking of creditors in relation to liquidation of a
Co-operative Society.

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Banana disease warning!

Regional countries urged to cooperate in fight against TR4

Thursday, May 01, 2014

Region closer to adopting fisheries policy

Tuesday, May 06, 2014