Download Presentation from July 18 & 19, 2012 Symposium

How financial Co-operatives can positively impact the development of Producers and Services Co-operatives

Claudia Thompson-Roache St. Thomas Co-operative Credit Union Ltd.


Co-operative Development for Developing Countries: Opportunities and Challenges in Africa

Thomas Mark Turay, PhD, Executive Director / Co-founder Centre for Development and Peace Education,
Sierra Leone, West Africa


Environmental Factors Affecting Fisheries

  Fisheries Division, Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries


Encouraging entrepreneurship in Co-operatives

Professor Arnoldo Ventura MICO University College


Mutual and Co-operative type entities providing social protection amidst challenges of sustainability

Sherlock Allen


How Does Occupational Health & Safety (Osh) Impact Our Societies & Businesses: A look at the new OSH Law

Clayton Osbourne, Operational Risk Management Specialist



International Co-operative Alliance

Charles Gould, Director-General ICA


International Year of the Co-operatives: 2012

Charles Gould, Director-General ICA


Environmental Impact Assessments As A Critical Element Of Community Development Projects

Barry A. Wade, PhD., O.D., J.P.
 Environmental Solutions Limited


The Benevolent Society’s thinking and beliefs for a just and fair Jamaican Society. A Regulator’s Perspectives and Role

Mrs. Lavern Eccleston, Director of Audits and Investigations Dept. of Co-operatives and Friendly Societies

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